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Questions and Statements of Criticism - Answered before Asked
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Pages of Great Doubt

Questioning own Answers:

Here, we present questions and answers before they are asked. In the link below, feel free to ask new questions in our online forum. If they are worthy of posting, we will edit this list as an ongoing FAQ. The questions below are primarily regarding the book, Bow with Unity, but also extend to the entire topic of the book, Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark. As we encounter questions on the street from friends and family, we will be directing them to our websites.
Here are the basic four questions we must all ask:

1) Aren't you denying the Lord as God and Father?

Yahweh (Lord) was shown in the book to be Yama from Sanskrit, which is the ruler of the underworld. The word Yama literally means Self-Control, which is what law is designed to accomplish. Aside from this fact, Yahweh is the Son of God, not the Father as a relative. Linguistics demonstrates this easily. In identity with Love, we are ALL in God as Absolute unity. By this, Christ is God by identity and unity in Love, which is the requirement.  This distinction is true for us all, and since Adam is the Son of Man, we have every reason to see our own identity in unity with him.

As Yahweh, he was a relative house divided. This is shown by his own admission in the New Testament in John 8 and other places. As we find from the entire New Testament, the old nature of the Lord was overcome. This is literally the entire story of the Bible. As the Lord did, we must all do likewise. Yes, he was the example, but gaining the gift of this work is being what was given--Love and Unity with all other beings sharing the same image. I explain this more in the Yahweh board of the forum.

Rather than denying Yahweh as Lord, we are merely showing the relative side to this story. Nothing changes about the story other than seeing the old nature of the Lord clearly. Ill will, bloodshed, jealousy, and anger are never part of Love. Seeing this and rising above it is the path to wrestling with our own lower nature (lord) by the same mirror. Winning this wrestling match as Jacob did then reveals the answer to his question. When asking the Lord his name, Yahweh said this:

Genesis 32:29-30

Jacob said, “Please tell me your name.”
But he replied, “Why do you ask my name?” Then he blessed him there.

So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.”
What part of the mind is used when meditating?

The Pineal Gland.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22).

Seeing God face to face is knowing his identity within, which produces right view. Only in meditation can we listen with open ears and see with an open vision of our own interbeing. While prayer is asking, meditation is the hearing of the still small voice inside us all collectively. This process to find the Lord's identity then reveals him as your own.  How do you come to know the Lord? Find his identity in your own, better stated as calling on the name of the Lord. YOU! If you keep seeking North, South, East, West, Past, Present, Future, Above or Below, you will never look in the one place you fail to check--inside.  I don't need to convince you. Check for yourself and see your own mind waving back.

2)  Buddhism is a pagan religion. Are you a pagan?

Unity demands our willingness to see all faces as our own face. Identity with God in Love for others demands unity. Buddhism holds the key to seeing the other side of Hebrew held in Sanskrit. I can only show you this in my books. The rest is up to you to decide. I cannot produce unity from Love for you, but I can show you by my own willingness to love others equally.

3) Only the name of Christ can save.  Aren't you showing another path to false salvation?

Even asking this question shows that the book's emphasis on Identity has not been realized by you. If you have yet to read the book, order a copy and see for yourself. Read it again if you have missed this: Identity with the Father comes from identity with what we are as images of the Son of God. The same path to liberation comes for us all equally when the Son Himself is seen by his own essence in reflection (HOST). Realization of truth demands that you see yourself in him first, then this next: Raise one to know Three.  Once you do this, as outlined in our book, Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark, you realize all as one by view of 1 Corinthians 15, or All in All. This is the goal of the New Testament.

It is on this point that we now realize why he had to pay this price on the cross. His own ill will and anger in the Old Testament had to find this same truth in the New Testament:  One Mind - One Heart - One Unity for All. The mystery here is to see your own identity in that of the Lord. By paying the price for our sins, there is no difference to be seen between the Lord and his Host. We are his mirror and he is ours. I would say he paid his own sins relative to ours, but this would divide our being. We are not divided in the eyes of God. 

 See the goal and Bow to Unity.

4) How did you learn these hidden mysteries?

While it’s true that we can all equally seek and knock, this story is ancient.  These “hidden mysteries” have been known in part for millennia and have been hidden in plain sight this entire time. Our advantage comes from the age we live and how easy it is to move from one ancient scripture to another. The Information Age gives us tools never accessible to any of the sages we can now compare, contrast, and understand.

We covered no fewer than six different languages, five continents, and countless writings and videos from 4,000+ years of history. Asking questions, finding answers, and then compiling all of the findings of others brought us to a point of seeing things we could have never uncovered otherwise. Even so, this gathering of information is useless without the willingness to challenge our own views and look with an open mind. This is where the art of thinking, asking, and listening comes in.

Practice makes perfect. Meditation is practice in the upper realm of mind only, which is always in a state of truth and love. Touch your higher nature in meditation and you see infinity, knowing all things as memory. There is literally nothing to learn when you see this way.

Memories are collective. As I have said, Love only recognizes Love. Once the Host connects to the server, updates and patches follow. If you are working on the 2000 years old version of Windows, then update to 2018 Creator's Version 10.  It's as simple as ET (Aleph Tav) phoning Home. True Enlightenment is the Aleph Tav phoning home, then remembering his home and family. Once you remember, you then see it all again like a child. Dive in to then rise up to the light above the waves. Animals trapped in the ark eventually emerge again. Overcome the beast first.

Demons of the mind originate with fear, ill will and wrong view by desire. Use the update, then Malware has no opening to enter in. You shine the light dispelling darkness. What weapon formed against you can prosper if you are the light you shine?

Ending Suffering requires Suffering. I will possibly write a book on this topic one day. My own journey is the same as all others. Seek and find; knock and the doors or opened. Kick them open by demanding truth be set free. Once you do, you realize that the truth was never locked up.  Set Truth free by allowing it to set you free.  Love only recognizes itself. Once you become Love in Unity, Love then sees you face to face through your own eyes. You now know as you are known (1 Corinthians 13).

Wrestle to know. Meditate to experience your nature. Once you touch your nature, you know Love. Nothing stands in the way once you know identity and Love. By this, you see others clearly. They are you. We are all a unity of one collective mind, seeking to be known. Love is the key opening every door.  Use it to find this: You are the door you open. The flaming sword is your own ego. Simply extinguish the desire to rule others, then serve with passion. Com in Latin means 'with.'  Passion is your true Desire. Compassion!

Finally, it requires a mindset open to the tokens each nation receives. This was, after all, the promise of Elohim in Genesis 9 with the first covenant in the Bible. Notice, this first rainbow covenant was not in trade for anything. It was simply promised. As you know, a rainbow is not simply one color or nation.

           Please visit our forum linked to the address at the end of this page. There, you can ask more questions. We will answer each one personally.

           As always, we knock on your door for bread.

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