Author Topic: Quantum Hall Effect and Photography of the Fourth Dimension - 3D is a Shadow!  (Read 223 times)

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This is a good confirmation of statements in our book concerning the fourth dimension and the shadow of all lower dimensions below mind.


"There are three spatial dimensions, or directions you can move by holding everything else constant. Moving back and forth along a line is moving in one dimension. Make a right angle to the line and you add a second dimension to move forward and backward in—imagine a square. Make another right angle and you enter the third spatial dimension. You can move up and down—that’s a cube. If a fourth dimension existed, you could make another right angle into it, and create some sort of hyper cube. A fourth spatial dimension can be described by mathematics but not physically realized.

However, think about this: a three-dimensional figure leaves a two-dimensional shadow. By observing this shadow, we can glean some information about the three-dimensional thing. Perhaps by observing some real-world physical system, we can learn about a fourth-dimensional nature by a shadow left in lower dimensions."
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