Author Topic: Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark - A Brief Outline of the Book  (Read 173 times)

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Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark - A Brief Outline of the Book
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2017, 01:26:06 PM »
If you are arriving here from the pages of our new book, Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark, realize this: All articles on this page and on connected blogs represents my own littered path of crumbled temples (articles). Much of what you read here must be filtered by the realizations these articles brought to my own mind over time. Far from being 100% accurate, these thoughts are the very wandering mind which brought me to full understanding. As you read, use caution. I leave these trails here for one reason: To reveal how I arrived within the pages of my new book. Feel free to read the past thoughts, but consider filtering these thoughts through the conclusions found in my book. What did I find at the end of this journey of discovery?

1. Right View by True Identity of Love (GOD)

2. Right Nature by True Identity with Love (GOD)

3. Right Unity with all other Sparks (Relatives to GOD)

BUDDHA (awake)
DHARMA (universal nature)
SANGHA (unity with Absolute)

These are the three primary modes of Enlightenment (Three Refuges). From this, my book explains this within the 10 Dimensions and Worlds we all occupy. While Hebrew is a masculine language, Sanskrit is a feminine language. Only by valuing the relatives do we come to understand the unity between. LOVE bridges the gap.

Anything you read from my past mind images must be filtered through this understanding. By this, you understand the Aleph to the Tav. Above all, do not judge the Lord or you judge YOU. Identity!

As you read the three refuges above, realize there are 10 non-virtues we all struggle with in life. 

Ten Non-virtues:
1- Desire and Covetousness (wrong Unity)
2- Ill Will and Anger (wrong Nature)
3- Wrong View (wrong Identity)

4- Taking Life
5- Taking Possessions
6- Lust
7- Lying
8- Divisive Speech
9- Harsh Words

10- Gossip

If the first three non-virtues are overcome, the lower seven are removed.  By this, we must embody the new refuges of Awakened Mind, Awakened Nature and Awakened Realization of Relatives.  By this, one Absolute Enlightenment is realized (LOVE).  Only by identifying our own inner truth can we come to know the Sattva (True Being) we are above.  By above, of course, I am referring to the 10 dimensions of reality, where the mind projects the images and forms though time. 

The primary insight of this book, Thus Spake the Flame to the Spark, reveals the 10 dimensions by chapter, starting with chapter 10 and ending at chapter 1.  Here is a handy reference to the 10 dimensions and worlds of Enlightenment.  Realize, YOU (and all of us) are all 10 dimensions in one.  The part contains the whole and the whole contains the parts.  We are each the same by this realized identity.  Once you know, you can never unknow. 

From the Book: Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark
Universal Dimensional Structure

10 Absolute Mind of Invariance
Neutral / Positive Unmanifest (Dzogchen)

MIND (Sattva/Arūpa-loka) Brahma - Israel
Mind in Translational Image Mirrored

9 Bodhisattva - Folded Mind as Image of Absolute
8 Realization - Branching Mind into Relative
7 Learning - Line of Relatives into Time
TIME (Rajas/Kāmaloka) Vishnu - Babylon
Image of Mind into Time

6 Heaven - Folded Timelines of All Beings
Mara is Ruler (indeterminate wave function)

5 Humanity - Branching Timelines of All Beings
Each Manu Chooses (collapse of wave function)

4 Anger - Line of Time into Form Yama Judges

SPACE (Tamas/Rūpaloka) Shiva - Egypt
Image of Process as Shadow of Mind into Form

3 Animality - Form (3D Object)

2 Hunger - Branch of line (2D Plane)

1 Hell - Line (1D Line)
One Mind - One Heart - One Unity

LOVE desires that this secret should be revealed,
for if a mirror reflects not, what use is it? - RUMI