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PianoDesk.com was born in 1996 with an idea to convert the piano pictured below into a computer desk.  At the time, my Wal-mart desk was falling apart.

My wife informed me that the desk would NOT go into her house.  As you can see, her opinion changed once she viewed the final product.  From there, I built this desk for a friend:

After building another desk for a lawyer in Carbondale, IL, I decided that Ebay would be the way to go.  I built desk 4 to sell.  From there, I have been building woodworking projects all over the world.  You can view all the desks by clicking on the PianoDesk link in the main menu above.

Warner Bros. Desk in Burbank, California for Randy Stone.


In 2002, I decided to build my first bass guitar.  Use the link above to view my custom bass builds.

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Here is a custom six string fretless bass I did for Jorg Schroeder (Studio Musician in LA / German Philharmonic).  You view view his custom bass cabinets here: Schroeder Cabinets

Recently, I have decided to move to smaller leather projects to expand my ability.  Since I teach, my summers are free.  This summer was devoted to purchasing tools and learning the trade.

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