School Tuning Program

For for all school customers:

-Pre-concert touch-up free
-Free basic repairs, regulation and voicing
-$10 off each piano for three or more pianos receiving similar service.  For instance, if I tune 3 pianos biannually, I take $10 off the biannual pricing below for all three pianos.

Typical School Pricing

-Yearly Tuning – $80
-Biannual Tuning – $60 ($120 a year)
-Quarterly Tuning – $50 ($200 a year)
-Monthly / Bimonthly Tuning – $40

-Pre-performance Tuning – Free within 40 miles from Bolivar.

Discount Program for Free Tuning

Starting in August 2017, I will have tuning discount cards available for schools.  School music programs can receive 3 free piano tunings with every 10 student referrals, along with a $100 donation from McClard Bros Piano Tuning.  For each referral, I donate $10 back to the music program until we reach $100.  With the referral card, the music program receives credit toward free tuning at the time of the student tuning.  When 10 student referrals is reached, I will tune three school pianos for free and donate $100.  Credit can also be used for one piano tuned three times.  When a student piano is tuned, the filled out card for the school must be presented for credit.