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  1. I have an old Chickering that I was wanting tuned for Thanksgiving guests.

    I would also like a bid on restoring the piano.

    Cabrini Croley

  2. Hello. I recently acquired one of your bass guitars and was wondering a few questions. It seems to be the 2014 5 string bass. Very nice sounding bass, and gorgeous! It doesn’t have any paperwork, is there any way to get paper authentication if I pay for it and send you pictures? Also, I assume this is the only one made of the style? The story I got was the imperfection in the wood (below the bridge) was thought to be from a lightning strike? Lastly, a rough idea of the value the guitar originally sold for? Again, I would pay you for an authentication and appraisal. Your work is awesome!! Guitar plays so sweet. I got it in a trade, hence the lack of knowledge.

    Thank you,
    Brent Bennett

  3. Hi there,

    Your work is gorgeous, but can’t figure out why when I type in “thepresentisthegift.com” I get directed to you.



  4. Hi … my parents have an old Kranich & Bach square grand, probably mahogany, they want to get rid of. . .do you buy these old pianos and are you interested in this one?

    thanks for any reply

    Susan 803 609 6343

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