20140830_133033McClard and Sons Piano Tuning and Repair has been in business since 1936, spanning four generations of tuning excellence.  Our family has been tuning pianos in Southeast Missouri since 1960 and in Southwest Missouri since 2002.  Now that I am a full-time student at Missouri S&T, my services will be available in the Rolla area.  Here is a description of our services:





Piano Tuning – $80 for most pianos.

Raising Pitch 1/2 step or more   +$120

Minor Repair – Free

Minimum repair for major problems – $25

20140830_133016Piano Refinishing – $1500-2500

Keytops – $250

Plastic Elbows – $5-300

Bridal Strap Replacement – $100

Voicing – $10-40

Piano Desk Conversion – See this Link