Discounts and Referral Program

Text or Call: 417-770-0150

Applying Discounts – At the time of tuning, please inform me if a discount applies.  If you have made referrals, ensure that any new customers I tune for mention your name.  When I tune for you the next time, simply remind me to apply discounts.  In most cases, discounts are given if referrals are made, or if I am tuning for a new customer, but tracking referrals is best accomplished by the person making the referral.  I will do my best to keep notes on referrals, but a reminder always helps.  Here are examples of typical discounts:

Schools and Teachers:  Ask about the school referral card.  For every student piano tuned, the school will receive a $10 donation.  When $100 is reached, I will tune three school pianos free.   For a stack of referral cards, call or text. Each time I tune for someone in this referral program, the referral card must be filled out with the school name so that I can track the donation back to the school.  I will pay the music program $10 immediately after each tuning by mailing the card and check back to the teacher.  Once 10 donations are reached, I will issue a certificate for three free tuning to the school.

Piano Teachers:  In some cases, student referrals can give piano teachers free tuning up to twice a year.  Feel free to call for information.

Typical Fees for Church and School Pianos:

-Monthly Tuning can be as low as $40, but depends on the number of pianos tuned overall, the condition of the piano being tuned and the distance from Bolivar.  In some cases, contemporary music can make an older pianos go out of tune quickly, requiring constant maintenance.  Each situation is unique, so tuning fees can vary.  My rule of thumb is $65 an hour for most tuning.  A typical tuning takes an hour and fifteen minutes, so the average cost for tuning is $80.   Tuning a piano every month requires less time, so the average cost is dependent on factors listed above.

-Quarterly Tuning: $50 ($200 yearly)

-Biannual Tuning: $60 ($120 yearly)

-Annual Tuning: $80

All annually tuned pianos can receive a second tuning within the first six months for $40, matching the price of biannual tuning.