Shop Tour

As most shops go, the landscape of tools and benches is constantly changing.  Here are the most recent changes I have made with the addition of a leather working area.  The video at the end will take you through the shop as it stood early this summer.  Below is a shot from September 2003 during construction of the shop.

Here is an older tour of the shop and construction of the building:  Old Shop tour

New Leather Upright Piano Workstation:  See this post for more.

20140727_211221 20140727_211210 image_3 20140727_211201

2014 Summer Update

Leather working area.  Finishing station, one ton press, shoe patcher, cutting areas. Notice the grand piano at the end of the workbench holding my power tools.  To the right of that shelf is the lid made into a sewing table.  View the video below for a shot of that table.

20140723_223759 20140723_223817 unnamed 20140723_223824

Pen turning desk made from an old pump organ.  Sewing machine table made from a grand piano lid.


Main work area, tool storage, wood storage and assembly area.

20140519_150401 20140519_150357


Drill press table.  Cutoff table and Craig Jig opposite leather bench.

20140519_150343 20140519_150337

This is an older video earlier this summer.  I will eventually shoot an updated view of the completed shop when all projects are out for the summer.

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