The minimum charge for making a desk is $1000.  Typically, a desk project will require 25-40 hours of labor, as well as hundreds of dollars in materials.  If the cabinet needs to be stripped refinished, an additional $700 – $1000 can apply.  Depending on where the piano is located, shipping charges may also apply.  Piano moving companies charge between $500-$1000 for shipping.  Shipping a completed desk back requires the construction of a shipping crate, with destination charges between $300-$600 for delivery from the trucking company.  If you live locally, there are many ways to save money.


Most Recent Project –  Desk 24



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Warner Bros. Desk for Producer, Randy Stone.

See the all the pictures of this desk: Hollywood Trip

Desk 1

Desk 2

Desk 3

Desk 4

Desk 5

Desk 6

Desk 7 – Warner Bros. Studios

Desk 8  -1887 Steinway

Desk 9

Desk 10

Desk 11

Desk 12

Desk 13 – Square Grand

Desk 14 – Old Pump Organ made into a Lathe Desk for my wood turning projects.


Desk 15

Desk 16


Desk 17

Desk 18

Desk 19 Before and After

I first used this desk for my own personal use.  Later, someone bought it from me.

Desk 20 – New Paint and shelving:

Desk 21

Desk 22

Desk 23 –  Unfinished Picture


Desk 24

IMG_20160614_151638670 IMG_20160614_151653591 IMG_20160614_151710364