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June 2016 Desk Finished

IMG_20160614_151710364 IMG_20160614_151653591 IMG_20160614_151638670IMG_20160613_175007130 IMG_20160613_175001650 IMG_20160613_172325454 IMG_20160613_172306576 IMG_20160613_153946529 IMG_20160613_145032588 IMG_20160611_200109895 IMG_20160611_133249290 IMG_20160611_133225068

New Piano Desk Project June 2016

June 10th, 2016

Fixing the Veneer with glue and clamps.

IMG_20160610_094128734 IMG_20160610_091632142










Glue injection with a turkey baster.







June 9th, 2016

I just started a new Desk this week.  The sound board was disconnected first, then transported to my shop.  Here are a few pictures of the process.

IMG_20160609_175042578_HDR IMG_20160609_175102138 IMG_20160609_175054410 IMG_20160609_175227976 IMG_20160609_183538224 IMG_20160609_183545148 IMG_20160609_175213069

Table Saw Bench – June 2016

IMG_20160604_182351376 IMG_20160605_164506741 IMG_20160605_205441444 IMG_20160605_210554441 IMG_20160607_104200518 IMG_20160607_104204598 IMG_20160607_104214984 IMG_20160607_143110401 IMG_20160607_143119762 IMG_20160607_143126007 IMG_20160607_143136438

FSAE 2015 Michigan Trip – Missouri S&T

I will be traveling to Michigan this weekend to see my Son and His Formula SAE Team compete in an international racing competition.  Here is the link to the blog for the trip.




Amazing 4 Story Rabbit Hutch

I just finished this project.  Other than adding the waste collection drawers, this hutch is ready for residents.

20150428_164500 20150427_204203 20150427_204144 20150426_201953 20150425_095248 20150422_222418 20150421_211002

Screened Lowes Gazebo and Deck

IMG_1091Screened Deck / Gazebo project for our home.  I’ll use this room for stitching projects in the summer.  I used a Lowes Gazebo with the Quick Screen system.  In all, I spent around $2400 on this project.  It took approximately 3 weeks to finish.


20150323_214346 20150324_074630 20150324_140741 20150324_151033 20150325_152525 20150325_155238 20150326_132602 20150326_132633 20150326_165319 20150326_165324 20150326_165344 20150326_165454 20150326_193347 20150328_155537 20150328_163512 20150328_192746 20150328_192754 20150328_192805 20150329_190157 20150329_192906 20150330_193112 20150403_185639 20150405_065731 20150405_081828 20150405_081839

Wallet Reveiw by Steve Montelli

Dan Wallet 2

Wallet for my brother Dan.


New Wallet for Review – Steve Montelli

Earlier last year, I sent a wallet to Steve Montelli for review.  Since then, my designs and craftsmanship has improved.  I thought it would be good to send a new wallet for review.  Here is the timelapse for the new wallet.









Wallet for Jeff – Turtle Power

Timelapse of Wallet Build (2-17-2015)

Time-lapse Wallet Build (Live to Forgive – 490)

New Wallets January

20150117_225943 20150119_180856 20150119_180907 20150124_084633 20150128_204812 20150128_204825

Man Cave Update – Leather Working Studio


If you have viewed the page recently, you will notice the leather working area that I built into my workshop.  With a few weeks off work for Christmas break, I decided to move the leather working area into my home office (Man Cave).

Here are a few pictures of the construction, along with a video showing the final product.










During Construction


20141228_174005 20141228_183026 20141229_133033 20141229_191520 20141229_191551 20141229_191744















20141230_143721 20150102_110031




















Wallet Reviews from Steve Montelli

When I first started leather working, much of what I learned about wallet design was gleaned from the videos of Steve Montelli.   Here is a recent video he did in review of two wallets that I recently sent his way.  Since I am just getting started in leather work, my plan is to send him a few more wallets this winter once my skills have improved.

Adding a PianoDesk Workstation to the Shop

I had a great day in the shop today.  My son and I went to an old farmhouse this afternoon to get a free upright piano.  Once we arrived back at the shop, we promptly took the piano apart.  Here are some photos from the day.

image image_1


After taking the piano apart, we reused the parts and made a leather workstation in my shop.  Check the video below for more.




20140727_211155 20140727_211201 20140727_211210 20140727_211221

Give the video a few seconds to clear up.