Bike Update

I was able to ride over the weekend.  Went 10 miles and was able to ride 28 mph.  After evaluating the ride, I have decided to order a few improved parts.  Here’s an updated picture with new art added.

Motorized Bike Project (McClard Bros.)

I started work to build a motorized bike on Monday (September 18th).  I rode it for the first time last night, but there are clear issues with chain alignment.  Today, I added a better pulley to the chain and it seems to work perfectly now.











New Piano Desk Project June 2016

June 10th, 2016

Fixing the Veneer with glue and clamps.

IMG_20160610_094128734 IMG_20160610_091632142










Glue injection with a turkey baster.







June 9th, 2016

I just started a new Desk this week.  The sound board was disconnected first, then transported to my shop.  Here are a few pictures of the process.

IMG_20160609_175042578_HDR IMG_20160609_175102138 IMG_20160609_175054410 IMG_20160609_175227976 IMG_20160609_183538224 IMG_20160609_183545148 IMG_20160609_175213069

Screened Lowes Gazebo and Deck

IMG_1091Screened Deck / Gazebo project for our home.  I’ll use this room for stitching projects in the summer.  I used a Lowes Gazebo with the Quick Screen system.  In all, I spent around $2400 on this project.  It took approximately 3 weeks to finish.


20150323_214346 20150324_074630 20150324_140741 20150324_151033 20150325_152525 20150325_155238 20150326_132602 20150326_132633 20150326_165319 20150326_165324 20150326_165344 20150326_165454 20150326_193347 20150328_155537 20150328_163512 20150328_192746 20150328_192754 20150328_192805 20150329_190157 20150329_192906 20150330_193112 20150403_185639 20150405_065731 20150405_081828 20150405_081839

New Wallet for Review – Steve Montelli

Earlier last year, I sent a wallet to Steve Montelli for review.  Since then, my designs and craftsmanship has improved.  I thought it would be good to send a new wallet for review.  Here is the timelapse for the new wallet.









Man Cave Update – Leather Working Studio


If you have viewed the page recently, you will notice the leather working area that I built into my workshop.  With a few weeks off work for Christmas break, I decided to move the leather working area into my home office (Man Cave).

Here are a few pictures of the construction, along with a video showing the final product.










During Construction


20141228_174005 20141228_183026 20141229_133033 20141229_191520 20141229_191551 20141229_191744















20141230_143721 20150102_110031

















Wallet Reviews from Steve Montelli

When I first started leather working, much of what I learned about wallet design was gleaned from the videos of Steve Montelli.   Here is a recent video he did in review of two wallets that I recently sent his way.  Since I am just getting started in leather work, my plan is to send him a few more wallets this winter once my skills have improved.

Adding a PianoDesk Workstation to the Shop

I had a great day in the shop today.  My son and I went to an old farmhouse this afternoon to get a free upright piano.  Once we arrived back at the shop, we promptly took the piano apart.  Here are some photos from the day.

image image_1


After taking the piano apart, we reused the parts and made a leather workstation in my shop.  Check the video below for more.




20140727_211155 20140727_211201 20140727_211210 20140727_211221

Give the video a few seconds to clear up.